Time, wood and stone together create a feeling of comfort and permanence,
of being at one with the environment

Not just a duplex in a holiday resort

On a getaway island

A real home to live in and, if you like, to work in

Independent visitor’s flat and studio

Large garden with fruit trees and vines

Optional vineyard, winery, vegetable gardens…

Now take a breather
Buying direct from us, the present owners, means:
  1. You save money
  2. And, additionally, we will discount the cost of your visit to see the property from the selling price
People who have come south and know our house.
"Beautiful place! Peaceful, safe and still full of surprises..."
"We fell in love with the island at first glance ....."
  • On the sunny southeastern slopes
  • On the edge of village of El Pinar
  • The ocean in front, the forested mountains behind
EL HIERRO, the little-known Canary Island
The island
  • Peaceful and safe
  • Superb climate, clean air
  • Modern services and communications
  • Discerning tourism